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The Mushroom Kingdom Chronicles

By Joshua Bussiere


Mario and Luigi are getting set for a picnic with peach and daisy (daisy is NEW and is the sister of Mario's cousins Fario, Nario, and Bario (also NEW) These are characters bowser also stole in Mario 64, but they weren't important).
Mario-Man I hope Bowser dosen't show up this time!
Luigi-Yea! Me too

Yoshi runs in

Yoshi-Mario! Mario!
Yoshi-I learned how to tie my shoe!
Mario-What? Yoshi have you been drinking again?
Yoshi-Yea and it makes my voice squeak!
Mario-Yoshi! you better quit drinking!
Yoshi-Huh? Oh yeah I forgot I made a baby with Peach!
Mario-Huh? Luigi get the lie detector!

Mario set up the lie detecetor and tied yoshi to it
Mario-Yoshi did you make a baby?
Lie Detector-True
Mario-With Peach?
Lie Detector-False
Mario-But then who?
Yoshi-I don't know
Lie Detector-False
Luigi-Well Yoshi knows!
Yoshi-Oh fine, Daisy
Lie Detector-False. It was a cow
Yoshi-A cow?
Lie Detector-True
Yoshi-Yoshi Mad!

Yoshi eats the lie detector and spits it out as an egg. Then Daisy and Peach walk in

Peach-Are you two ready yet?
Daisy-Yoshi? oh no! AAAHHH!!!

Daisy runs away

Peach-Daisy come back!

Peach runs after her!

Mario-Aye yi yi!

Mario-Buy my new spaghetti shooter!
Yoshi-Spagetti! Yuck! oh well!

Yoshi eats the spaghetti shotter

Mario-We lose more money that way

Guy-are you tired? are you tired? are you tired?
Mario-NO! NO! NO!
Guy-are you tired?
Announcer-the scream-o-matic buy it now only 2 cents

-back to the show-
Mario-Peach come back!
Luigi-Why is she scared of Yoshi?
Mario-I don't know?
Mario-Not so Fast!

Peach-Daisy what's wrong why did you run away?
Daisy-Because i hate my brother!
Peach-Brother? Yoshi's your brother?
Daisy-No the cow!
Peach-What cow?
Mario-Tell us Yoshi!

Yoshi walks in

Yoshi-Hi Guys
'Yoshi'-Oh know!
'Yoshi' takes his suit of and reveals that he's a cow!
Mario + Luigi- A Cow!


Announcer Guy-On Epsiode 2: Will the cow go to jail? What secret are Mario's Cousins hiding? Will Daisy finally stop running away from the cow? Tune in next week... About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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