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Mario Chat- Intro

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Hi all. Welcome to the all new and totally snazzy SMBHQ chat room! Before you dive in, a few things to keep in mind. First off, you can go in the chat room at any time, but most people will be there to chat during the scheduled times. Currently, that's 8:00pm Eastern time every weeknight . PLEASE remember to adjust for other time zones and be prompt if you want to participate. Secondly, you need a java-enhanced browser such as Netscape Navigator 3.0 to get in. Otherwise you'll get an error. Third, please go light on the curse words in the chat room. I don't want little kids who may be listening running to their parents and sending me flame e-mails ("My son said he heard some one on your chat room say..."). Finally, on the login screen, a password is not necessary. Just ignore it. With all this in mind, feel free to...

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