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Cake Of Doom

By ????

Chapter One

"Happy birthday, dear Yoshi!; Happy birthday to you!" Mario and his friends sang in unison. "Thanks, guys!" Yoshi cried out happily, then stuffed his face full of cake. "Save some for us," remarked Peach. Yoshi chuckled and cut each of his friends a slice.
"Wow, that cake was great!" said DK, followed by a loud burp. "Mario, why didn't you want any cake?" asked Toad. Mario shrugged. "I'm just not hungry." "That's news to me!" replied Toad jokingly, and everyone laughed, except Mario. He fumed. "Thanks for the party, Yoshi. It was a 'blast'. I think I'll go home now." "Aww, Mario, don't leave yet! The party's only half over, it was just a joke!" cried Yoshi, while Peach glared at Toad, who blushed. "Thanks, but no thanks." replied Mario, then stepped out the door.
The next day, Mario was abruptly awakened by a loud rapping at the door. When he opened it, a red-shelled Koopa was standing a the door with a wide smirk on his face. "Hey, you're not supposed to be here! What do you want?" "How are you feeling today, Mario? Drowsy? Tired? Ill? Loyal to Bowser?..." "What?... No! Get outta here!" Mario yelled. He then jumped on the shell, which released the Koopa, and drop kicked the red shell. The Koopa went running after it. Mario took a look around. "Wha?... Peach, DK, what are you doing here?" "Come Mario, Bowser needs us," said Peach. "Yes, Bowser..." added DK. "Hello, are you guys crazy?" asked Mario, knocking lightly on Peach's head. She quickly grabbed his arm. "Don't touch me," she said lazily, and released her firm grip. "Owww," said Mario, rubbing his arm. "You're pretty strong, Peach. You could easily quick Bowser's butt with that arm." "Kick...Bowser's...butt?" wondered Peach. Then DK added "Why would we want to hurt Bowser? Bowser is our leader."

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