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Bowser's Revenge

By Stuart Beedie

Chapter 1

Rain poured down on Bowser's home castle. Bowser growled angrily. He was mad, sad and tired. Mario had recently defeated him and his painting plot. He stroked his arm, which had the worst burns. He would get even, he would get even !!!!!

Mario was stuffed. The cake Peach had made for him, as a reward for saving her again, was very filling. He waited at his home for Luigi, as he had been away on holiday during the adventure.

"Hi Mario! I'm back from my holiday. Did I miss anything?" cried Luigi, coming over the hill. Mario ran over to him to help with luggage.

"Not too much, just Bowser stealing Peach again," Mario joked.

"Drats! I hate missing adventures!" cried Luigi. " But I had a fun time, surfing on the beaches of Yoshi's Island, having Super Happy Tree fruit, talking with yoshis, seeing Daisy".....

"Well, there's a welcome home party for you at the Princess's castle, so come on," said Mario and they hurried off.

Bowser strolled up the stairs into his children's room. He smiled and opened the door. The door creaked eerily. Bowser touched his face. His blood seemed to be boiling.

"Come in," said a voice. Bowser walked inside. In the room was Iggy, Ludwig, Lemmy, Morton, Larry and Roy. Wendy was tied to a pole. Bowser sighed. They were playing cowboys and Indians.

"Hi Daddy!" they cried happily. They all turned their heads and smiled at their dad. They knew he wanted them to do something. Bowser eyed their toy box. They seemed to have all the toys a koopa child could want. They had clubs, bommy nockers, blunt swords, violent video games .... What more could they want ? Suddenly it hit him!

"I need you kids to help me again and if you help me I'll give you all raises in your allowance," said Bowser, grinning. The Koopa Kids all quickly agreed.

"Sound the alarm!!!" yelled Toad. Over the hill, Bowser was leading 100 troops into the Mushroom city!! Toadies, humans and dinosaurs alike fled from the city. Many fled to the forts, where it would be safe. Some ran to Mushroom Castle, which had a secret bomb shelter ( that is where the princess tried to escape to in Mario 64 , but didn't make it in time ). Mario, Luigi, Peach and all who were at the party ran to the shelter and made it. Little did they know the Koopa Kids had planted a bomb in the castle....

Bowser smiled and pulled out a remote. He pushed a button...And Mushroom Castle exploded.

Chapter Two

Mario had been lucky. He lifted a small piece of rock off his leg. He moved his leg around, checking it wasn't broken. He, Luigi, Peach , Toad and Yoshi had been shielded by a large rock, so none of them were too badly injured. No one else was that lucky. . .

" I have finally won!" cried Bowser. " 305 Mushroom Kingdom residents are dead, including Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad and Yoshi!!!". Now that those meddling plumbers were gone, he would take over Mushroom World!!! He had killed only a fraction of the population, but it was a start. " Troops! Back to base, we'll gather the whole army."

" Daddy, how much more money are you giving us?" asked Iggy.

" 20 more gold coins," answered Bowser.

" Thanks Dad !" he cried.

* * * * *

" Yoshi hungry !!" exclaimed Yoshi. Everyone started searching for survivors. There were none. They crawled out of the wreckage.

" Hurry!" cried Princess Peach . "Let's head to our major base!" Everyone started running. It was a long walk, but in a couple of days they had made it.

* * * * *

But by then, Bowser had reached the Koopa Kingdom. He collected his whole army, which consisted of over 1 million troops. The troops got into doomships, jets, laser bikes, armored land vehicles and more for a large attack on the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser and his right hand koopas and commanders went by foot. There were 200 doomships, 1 000 laser bikes and 10 000 land vehicles. All ready to take over the world . . .

* * * * *
Inside the base, Mario and his pals were given weapons.

"Mario, here's a weapon for you," said Toad. "It's a called a spaghetti shooter, it shoots strands of pasta that wrap around your enemy"

"Mama mia!!" cried Mario.

"Luigi, you've got some mines" Toad continued.

"Cool!" cried Luigi.

"And Yoshi, here are some eggs," said Toad. "I've got a fire flower."

"What about me"! cried Peach.

"Sorry, but . . ." Toad didn't get to finish, as massive laser fire came down on the base.

"Bwa ha ha !!" roared Bowser triumphantly.

Chapter 3

" It's Bowser!" cried Luigi. "How'd he find us? He's raining massive fire power on us!"

"Huh?" said Yoshi, looking at the ceiling, confused because the blasts weren't hitting the roof like rain.

Toad turned to the scientists who were scurrying around the base. One suddenly caught his eye. Its running seemed wrong and its back was humped. He frowned and grabbed a weapon, cut off the scientist's clothes to reveal… a koopa!

"That's how they found us" replied Toad angrily. With that he kicked the koopa out of its shell and threw the shell out a window. The koopa ran after it. The base was in chaos, with warning alarms going off, scientists running all over the place and the noise of laser-fire digging into the building.

" Toad?" Mario asked suspiciously. " Can you control those 5 laser bikes with magic?"

"Yes, you can," answered Toad.

"Excellent!" replied Mario. "Gather round, I've got an idea".

* * * *

"Perfect Ludwig!" Bowser cried. "This laser vehicle you made works brilliantly! It has 20 seats, racing "speed, 3 weapons, heat, freeze and laser!"

"Why thanks Daddy," boasted Ludwig. He turned to his siblings and stuck out his tongue. Lemmy growled and kicked his ball at Ludwig's chest.

Suddenly, a large part of the base exploded, and out zoomed 5 laser bikes. They maneuvered past the koopas before anyone knew what happened.

"Mario and his pals are in those!" yelled Bowser through a giant speaker. " We'll chase them and kill them! Cease fire on the base, I want Mario DEAD!!!!"

Bowser ordered his best troops into the laser vehicle and it roared after the 5 laser bikes

* * *

"It worked! It worked!" everyone cried happily. They were alive! "Now let's take a trip to the army base, gather the troops and counter attack!" cried Toad. They all grabbed their weapons and headed out. No one noticed Yoshi slip away.

* * * *

"We got 'em now!" roared Bowser. Everyone inside the vehicle had his or her own weapon to control. Bowser controlled the largest one.

"Locked on target" chirped the radar. Bowser smiled evilly.

"Everyone, FIRE!!!!!" Bowser commanded. They all fired their weapons. A roar like thunder swept through the vehicle.

"Game over Mario" Bowser said joyfully. He turned to Wendy, who was driving. "Take us to the "crash" site," he commanded.

Bowser walked up to the burning rubble. He saw no bodies. Inside he felt like a volcano about to explode, but he kept his anger to himself. Kramack walked up behind him.

"We've been tricked, those were decoys, Mario is probably in the Mushroom, preparing for a counter attack against me". Bowser took a deep breath. "How close to the army base is the capital Mushroom City?" he asked.

"Very close my lord," answered Kramack.

"Perfect, we shall destroy the mushroom army, Mario and the Mushroom capital, all in one strike," sneered Bowser. He picked up a piece of machinery and crushed it into dust.

* * * *

"The army is assembled," yelled Mario.

Toad walked up to the stand. The others followed him. He faced the army and said, "We are glad to see you. As you know, the Koopas have destroyed Mushroom castle and killed many. Are they going to get away with it?"

"No!!!!" the army cried.

Mario quickly ran to the stand. " Does everyone have a potion, spell or weapon?" he asked.

"Check!" cried the army.

"Is everyone ready to battle?" Luigi asked.

"Yes!!" the army cried.

"Does everyone have makeup?" asked Peach.

"What!!!!" the army cried. Mario, Luigi stared at her.

"Ooops. Sorry!" yelled Peach. Mario rolled his eyes. "Girls" he thought.

Luigi looked up, across the plains. Luigi's jaw dropped.

"Errr,Mario?" whispered Luigi, nudging Mario. Mario, Toad and Peach turned around. They all gasped. The whole army turned. They saw Bowser and his troops behind the army. Bowser out numbered them 10 to 1.

"Play time's over," sneered Bowser with a large, evil grin on his face.

Chapter 4

"Bowser!" exclaimed Mario. The whole Mushroom army stared at Bowser.

"Don't make any false moves, " ordered Bowser, or you'll all die very fast. You see, I've bugged your machinery and if I press this button," he pointed at a button on a remote control, "you'll be blown sky high!"

"Oh, that's a good idea daddy," Morton interrupted. "It's so good and you'll kill Mario and take over the Mushroom Kingdom and then take over the planet and Koopas will rule and I'll get my land and I'll be able to talk and talk and..."

"SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!" yelled Bowser. Wendy ran up to Morton and stuffed a sock in his mouth. Bowser smiled at her happily. She turned to the other Koopalings and poked out her tongue rudely.

"Now as I was saying, surrender or pay the consequences. I'll give you 3 seconds to surrender or I shall kill you all!." Bowser grinned and began his countdown.

"One... Two...." Not one soul surrendered " Three! Times up, time to say bye bye!" Bowser held the remote up high and his hand drew near the button.

"Yoshi say no!" came a voice. It was Yoshi and the dinosaur army!

Yoshi quickly used his long tongue to snatch the remote from Bowser's hands.

"GET THAT REMOTE!!!!!!!!" ordered Bowser.

Suddenly all Bowser's troops turned to Yoshi and began running to him.

"Luigi! Catch!" cried Yoshi, throwing the remote at Luigi.

"I got it, I got it!" shouted Luigi, running to get the remote.

Out of nowhere appeared heaps of baddies! At lightening speed they leaped over, onto ( and into) Luigi, grabbing the remote!

"I had it!" said Luigi and he collapsed to the ground.

"Yi have it! Yi have it!" cried a Koopa Troopa, holding it in the air for everyone to see. That was its big mistake.

Mario ran like lightning over to the Koopa and grabbed the remote.

"I got it!" said Mario.

"No you don't!" cried Kramek, zooming out of the sky at Mario, snatching it from the plumber's hands.

Mario leaped into the air, grabbing onto the end of Kramek's broom.

"What the…?!" said Kramek, turning around. Quickly Mario grabbed the remote from Kramek's hand and punched him in the face, knocking the Magikoopa off his broom and onto the ground, 30 meters below!

Mario leaped off the broom and onto the ground. Suddenly Iggy leaped out off nowhere, grabbed the remote and ran like crazy. Mario stood up, took out his spaghetti-shooting gun and fired at Iggy. The spaghetti covered Iggy, leaving only his hand holding the remote uncovered.

"It's mine!" yelled Lemmy, rolling on his ball over to his twin brother, took the remote and quickly rolled at top speed away.

Meanwhile Bowser began climbing up a steep, rocky Mountain in the middle of the battlefield. It would be perfect.

"This is easy!" cried Lemmy, rolling down the hill, maneuvering around the Mushroom troops that tried to knock him to the ground.

"What the…..!!" screamed Lemmy as he crashed into Bowser's Vehicle that lay in front of him.

He was launched into the air and in mid-flight he dropped the remote and fell to the ground. Toad threw his bag of fire flowers to the ground and caught the remote.

" It's mine!" he cried. He suddenly looked around and saw he was surrounded by heaps of Goombas! "Uh-oh," said Toad. Then he heard a rumble and all the Goombas were knocked out!

"I'm just a princess huh?" said Peach, grinning at him. She picked up the remote and blew the flame on her finger.

"Yes, you are!" came a voice. It was Roy! He body-slammed Peach and picked up the remote next to her.

"Up here!!!!" roared Bowser, standing on the top of the large, rocky mountain. Roy grinned and used his amazing strength and thew the remote up the mountain and into Bowser's evil hands.

Everyone in the Mushroom army gasped. Everyone in the Koopa Troop sneered. No one could reach him before he pressed the button. Not even Yoshi's super-long tongue could snatch the remote from Bowser's hands. Everyone froze.

* * * *

Meanwhile, on the other side of the battlefield Luigi, who had regained consciousness, could see what was going on. Luigi knew he had a chance to stop Bowser. Luigi pulled out one of his mines. He grabbed a plank of wood, jumped on it and slid down the hill he was on in amazing speed. He was getting close to the mountain. In front of him was a small cliff. Luigi treated it like a jump and was launched high up into the air. He set the detonate button in mid-air and, with all his strength threw the mine at Bowser's feet. The mine landed at Bowser's feet. Everything else happened too fast.

Bowser pushed the button. The mine exploded. The remote in Bowser's hand exploded before it could set the signal to explode to the mini-bombs. Bowser roared in pain and was thrown into the air from the impact of the explosion. The Koopa army froze. Mario saw the advantage. Mario gave the order to attack.

And the battle was on...

Chapter 5

Visible to all, The Mushrooms had just gotten an advantage. The Koopas were so busy watching Bowser soar into the air from the impact of the explosion that they failed to notice the enemy was right next to them. Kramek, who was still examining his now-flat nose, seemed to be the only one who got back to his senses in time and called the Koopas into attack.

From there it was downhill all the way for the Mushrooms. Although they had managed to win a 5 second victory, the Koopas were at them full throttle. And the battle was being held next to the capital Mushroom City.


On a small hill, out of reach from anyone in the battle, or at least unnoticed, were two Koopa Generals, Shaliot and Balstic.

"I do say, chap, why is this place all nice and colourful during a war?" asked Balstic, sipping a small cup of tea.

"I must say, it's weird, isn't it!" laughed Shaliot. "It does have an answer, mind you old chap. It's because it's a cute and colourful Mario story, which in turn is based on a cute and cuddly game, with a cute hero who saves a pretty Princess, who commands a country populated by cute little mushrooms, who are attacked by us!" Shaliot took a deep breath. He smiled at Balstic and took another sip of tea and turned to watch the battle, yet not participate.


Out of the sky, slamming down at 1000kphs, came Bowser, all burned, charred, scarred, bruised and bleeding. He roared down, down, down…. Slamming into the ground at lightening speed! There was an amazing explosion and … nothing. It all seemed clear. Bowser was no more. Or was he?????

Mario tried to destroy all the Koopas he could. The Mushrooms were equally good fighters as the Koopas, but the Koopas out-numbered them. It was all too terrible, all too deadly. Yet it seemed Bowser was gone, and when Kramek found this out, he would retreat, no matter what.

Suddenly from behind, a claw was laid on his shoulder. A huge, injured claw.


Luigi rubbed his head. What a fall! His descent had not gone very well, but since he had slammed down to some soft, moist, ground, so he wasn't hurt too badly. He just hoped Bowser was gone for good. Luigi got to his feet and ran into battle. He hoped they were winning.


Mario slowly turned around, to see a monstrous, evil beast. Bowser.

"Ha Plumber! Shocked to see me. Back from the dead? How could I be alive? One of your squishy mushrooms broke my fall." Mario shuddered, imagining it.

"What…!" cried Mario, pointing to Bowser's hair. Or the strands that were left. Bowser's hair was almost gone, except for a few, burned strands. Bowser turned red and grabbed Mario and threw him to the ground and gathered his breath for a spectacular fire attack. He paused.

"It ends now Plumber," said Bowser, evil gathering in his eyes.

"Yes, It shall," whispered Mario. With that, Mario jumped up and hit Bowser in the face.


"Deploy our jets!" cried the Mushroom flight Commander.

5 Mushroom jets were deployed into the sky. They soared through the sky, up and up…until they were in line with the Doomships that were shooting exploding Bomb-ombs onto the Mushroom City, which was next to the battlefield.

"Jets, according to our information, Bowser left his jets in the Koopa Kingdom. So you should be okay if you can avoid those Bomb-ombs. Fire missiles at the bows and the sterns of the ships. Over"

Jet 1 fired a missile at the bow of the commanding Doomship. There was a small explosion and the ship began a descent.

"Captain, we have been hit badly! Should we give the order to evacuate the ship!?" asked the First mate.

"No!" cried the Captain, who was a shy-guy dressed in a pirate captain suit. " We shall inflict maximum damage to the Mushrooms. Those are our orders. Increase speed to full throttle! We shall send the ship into a death plunge towards the Mushroom City! Then, we shall evacuate before impact. Move!"

"Yes sir!" replied the First mate. No one in the Mushroom City would know what hit them!

Suddenly, the ship moved into a death plunge.

Almost 100 troops jumped off the ship, down to the war below (don't worry, they had parachutes).

The Captain watched as his ship plunged down. He watched as the ship crashed into the city. He watched the terror. Yet no one in the city had enough time to scream.

Chapter 6

The Mushrooms watched in horror as thousands, maybe millions, died in a rage of fire. One thing had just become clear. The Koopas were winning. Yet the Mushroom army did not accept defeat. They kept fighting back, no matter how bad it all seemed.


The pilot of the jet that fired the missile was devastated. He had caused the crash and he could not live with the guilt. He put the jet on full throttle and charged down to the ground.

"Jet 1, what are you doing! Pull up, pull up!" cried the Jet attack leader. Jet 1's side of the microphone went dead.


Bowser let out a massive flame at Mario. Mario, running for cover, jumped into Bowser's attack vehicle and dived behind the controls. Luckily for Mario, the controls were fire and Ice proof, as a safety precaution. Bowser was not pleased. He jumped into the air and landed in the middle of the vehicle and let out a huge roar.

"This is your end MARIO!!!!!!!!!!" roared Bowser. He ran over to Mario, grabbed him, and threw him to the other side of the vehicle.

Neither of them realized Mario had landed on the Unlock-brakes button.

None of them took notice that the vehicle was moving.

Mario leaped into the air, performed a triple jump and landed onto the control panels. From there he jumped onto Bowser's head, knocking Bowser to the ground. Bowser jumped up and slashed at Mario with his claws. Mario dived for cover. Bowser hit the control panel's fire button, suddenly the three weapons on the vehicle, ice fire and lazer turned on. They began to swing around, hitting all in their path.

It began to seem as if everyone made a path for them as the vehicle rolled like mad, gaining more speed, all the time, as it headed to the edge of the battlefield, a cliff.


The Yoshis were probably the only ones who were having any luck in this battle. Their attack? Eat the enemy, spit out the shell to knock other enemies out. They were having a good time, being able to eat while they battled. Soon they were the ones to see the vehicle zoom past.

"Mario!" cried Yoshi.

On the vehicle, Bowser had grabbed Mario and was squeezing him, trying to choke him. Mario was gapping for air like mad. Bowser was watching his enemy die with great pleasure.

Suddenly, a slimy tongue wrapped around Bowser's neck. Bowser roared in pain and his hands loosened on Mario. Mario wriggled free and fell to the ground. Mario waved at Yoshi, who had his tongue around Bowser. Yoshi couldn't hold on much longer. Yoshi's tongue unraveled and Bowser fell to the ground, panting for air.

Before he was out of sight, Yoshi cried, "Mario, CLIFFFFFFF!" Mario turned to see the cliff. And they were about to go over it.


It was almost as if the whole battle, except between Mario and Bowser, was over. Everyone had stopped in amazement to watch to watch the battle. The battle was still not over, but only the ones too far away to see Mario and Bowser were still fighting. Suddenly it was total silence.


Bowser ran over and slammed on the brakes with all his power.

"U-oh," murmured Mario. The vehicle was not responding. They were still moving.

Bowser roared in a fit of rage and slammed his fist down on the control panels. There was a burst of electricity and Bowser was blown to the floor. His spikes dug into the vehicle.

"AAAAAHHH!!!" cried Bowser, in an effort to pull his shell out of the ground. Mario rushed over to the side of the vehicle and prepared to jump off the edge before it went over. All of a sudden, Bowser, who had nearly gotten all his spikes out, grabbed Mario's leg.

"If I die you're coming with me!!!!!" Bowser's eyes seemed to flash red as he began to go over. "DIE PLUMBER!!!!" screamed Bowser and they went over the edge.

BBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!! The vehicle exploded into a million pieces as it hit the ground.

"Mario!" cried Luigi, Toad, Peach and Yoshi in unison.

"Retreat!" cried Kramek at the top of his lungs. In a kick of dust, the Koopas were gone.

Luigi, Peach, Yoshi and Toad looked over the edge of the cliff. All they saw was rubble at the bottom of the cliff.

Suddenly a voice came from under the cliff. "Mama Mia! Will you-a help me up here?!" It was Mario! Once again they looked down, and they noticed Mario hanging on a vine. They quickly lifted him up.

"Mario, you're alive!" cried Peach and they all ran over to hug Mario. Mario stood up and looked over the horizon.

"What's wrong Mario? We won!" said Toad.

"Did we? We lost Mushroom City, half our army and Mushroom castle. What did they lose? A few thousand troops and a Doomship," Mario stood there, still looking over the horizon. He murmured " It seems Bowser finally got his revenge." Then he paused and finished, "At his own expense."

Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Peach and Toad looked over the horizon at the setting of the sun. Tomorrow would be a new adventure, it always would be.


Down at the bottom of the cliff, a few hours later, 5 Koopa troops came to retrieve Bowser's body. But somehow they thought Bowser was still alive. Maybe it that was because they could not believe that their king could ever die. Or maybe it was because his eye flashed open at their very touch. Bowser was alive, that was for sure.

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