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Wednesday, March 28, 2007
As many of you no doubt read last night, Sean has decided to cease his duties as webmaster of SMBHQ to focus on his schoolwork. We thank Sean for his years of service to the site and wish him the best of luck in his current and future endeavours.

Taking his place as the main webmaster for SMBHQ will be MetalMan88, formerly of the Super Smash Quest section and more recently an updater for the Super Smash Stadium. In his tenure, MetalMan promises to "help get some of the cobwebby sections back up to spec, so look forward to plenty of updates with my name on them."

I also plan to take a more active role in the site, striving for at least weekly updates to some of the more stagnant sections of the site. Look for regular posting to pick up starting in April, and thanks for bearing with us during the transition.

- Post By Kyle at 4:20 PM

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