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Bowser King of the Koopas

By Hanaiyah Stroman

"BOWSER, the King of Koopas was tying on a king-sized bib that said 'FEED ME!' on it. He had a big bottle of Han's Ketchup right beside him. Bowser had a knife, fork, and a napkin. He licked his lips. On a plate, surrounded by lettuce and tomatoes was Super Mario. He got caught when he was entering Bowser's lair. Now Bowser was shaking a dab of salt on Mario. Bowser licked his lips again and tilted the plate towards his mouth. Mario looked at Bowser's sharp, sharp teeth. And he was falling into Bowser's mouth. When Mario was all the way in Bowser's mouth, Bowser shut his mouth and that was the end of Super Mario." "Did you really eat Super Mario, Dad?" asked Larry, one of the seven of Bowser's children. "Yep," said Bowser, patting his stomach. "That was a long time ago, before you guys were born." "What did he taste like?" asked Wendy, "Great or terrible? Good or bad? Disgusting or-" Bowser chuckled. "That's enough," said Bowser, "time to go to bed." The koopalings groaned. "We want to here what if he was great of terri-" "Shhh!" said Lemmy, "Ludwig is tired. I'm sure Dad will tell us tomorrow."
Bowser lifted up Ludwig and put him in a space between his head and his shell. Ludwig got nestled up in Bowser's hair. When they got in the koopalings's bedroom, Bowser tilted his head so Ludwig could fall off. He smiled when he saw the sight of Ludwig spawled on his stomach. He saw his pop smiling with sharp teeth showing, then smiled. Ludwig and the other koopalings climbed into bed. "Goodnight," said Bowser and he turned off the lights.

THE NEXT DAY the seven koopalings were downstairs eating 'Bullet-Os, the stuff that makes you wild.' Bullet-Os are cereal bits shaped like bullets. "Hi kids," said Bowser, "did you have a goodnight's sleep?" "Yep," said the koopalings. "Me too," said Bowser. "Dad, may we go swimming in Vanilla Dome?" It's pretty hot today," said Iggy. "Yeah, we'll go." Bowser looked outside and saw some dinosaurs. "I'll be right back," said Bowser. He licked his lips and went outside. "Where is he going?" asked Morton. "Probably to eat another dinosaur, " groaned Roy. Bowser licked his lips as he peeked over his wall. Two dinos were nibbling on grass. A good timed pounce would flatten them, thought Bowser. He climbed up onto the wall and got his claws ready. "3, 2, 1!" He leaped towards the two dinos. One ran away, but the other was getting clawed up. Once the second dinosaur had Xs for eyes Bowser threw him in his mouth. He walked up the 22 flights of stairs to the back door, still chewing on the dino. When he got inside, Lemmy, Morton, Larry, Iggy, Ludwig, and Wendy, Roy had their towels, a packed lunch, and a few floaties. "Well let's go," said Bowser, after he packed himself a lunch and got a towel.
"Welcome to Vanilla Dome, Home of the Cheep Cheeps" a sign said. "Ahh, Cheep Cheeps," said Bowser. "Dad," asked Larry, "what exactly are 'Cheep Cheeps'?" Bowser leaned down and whispered something in Larry's ear. "EEWW!!!" said Larry "THAT'S GROSS!" They walked to a shady place. "You guys play safely, now," said Bowser and he fell right asleep. "Dad, Dad, DAD! Wake up!" said Roy. "Huh, huh, huh?" Bowser got up and yawned. "Whoa, look at all those teeth!" said Roy. "Okay, what is it?" said Bowser. He was scratching his orange hair. SPLASH! Behind Roy were the six other koopalings. They all just thrown a bucket of water on their dad.

"DINNER TIME, kids," said Bowser. It was pitch black in the koopalings' room. Of course because it was dark and because Bowser accidentally shut the door. The only thing you could see was Bowser's claws, eyes, and teeth. "YOW! OUCH! OW!" Bowser put his big clumsy foot on a Mecanical Koopa. He carried his foot till he fell onto the koopalings' bed. He faced them (he didn't know that) and opened his eyes. Fourteen other eyes opened up. They saw red eyes and Bowser saw fourteen eyes. "YYAAAHH!!!" "AAAHHHH!!!" "YYAAAHH!!!" "AAAHHHH!!!" Morton took a flashlight and shined it on his dad's face. "Dad... it'" said Wendy. "I came to tell you it's dinner get this thing out of my face. He opened his mouth and bit the flashlight in half. Pitch black again. "YYAAAHH!!!" "AAAHHHH!!!"
"I'm glad to be out of that room," said Bowser. He had wrapped bandages around his foot. The koopalings had a great dinner and their pop was still eating his. "So dad, was Mario great or terrible? Good or bad? Disgusting or-" "Well, he was quite delicious," he threw the last bit of food in his mouth. Ludwig, who was sitting on his dad's lap, ate a crumb of food. "Yuck, what were you eating?" asked Ludwig. "Cheep Cheeps." "What exactly are 'Cheep Cheeps'?" Dad whispered something in Ludwig's ear. "THAT'S GROSS!" "Why don't we go to the Dinosaur Land Festival tomorrow?" suggested Bowser. "YAY!" yelled the kids. "Then you'll have to go to bed early," said Bowser. The koopalings groaned. "But we didn't have any dessert," whined Morton. So Bowser let his children quickly have dessert. Then all of them went to bed.

THE NEXT DAY the eight dinosaurs went to the Dinosaur Land Festival. Bowser had packed a king-sized lunch for all of them. When they got there, the first thing the king caught eyes on was a food stand. First Bowser and his seven koopalings found a nice place to eat under a tree. Bowser hid the picnic basket under a tree. "You guys go run somewhere. I've got to go get some food." He licked his lips and began drool. A big glob of drool splash on Larry. Larry shook his head like dog. "But Dad," said Larry, "we have food." "Well Larry, I'm eater and eaters and eat." He rushed over and stood in the line. The seven koopalings ran till they found a sign. 'Food-Eating Contest. Sign up before 1:00 p.m.'... "Dad, Dad!" said Larry and the others. "We have something for you. All you got to is..."
"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Eat-athon. Today's contestants are Bowser, the King of Koopas..." "Yay!" cheered the koopalings. "and Yoshi, the champion last year." "Boo!" yelled the koopalings. "The first one to eat 900 dino burgers wins a trophy. Get ready, get set, go!" Yoshi ate fast but Bowser ate faster. As soon as he was done with his burgers, he ate the bowls, then Yoshi's burgers and bowl, then he ate Yoshi, then the announcer guy. "Dad, aren't you full?" asked Iggy when they got home. "Nope," replied Bowser. "Whoa."

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