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Bowser's Bogus Game

By Tbones2000

It was the most wonderful day in Mario's Life, him, Luigi, and the others were having a big picnic in Mushroom Forest. It was so beautiful, the toads were there too. Nothing could ruin it, but Bowser was watching from his castle. " Mario gets to have fun, but what about me!" yelled Bowser in a mean voice smashing his desk. Lemmy Koopa walked in and said " Dad, whats wrong!". " huh? Oh, nothing. Hey, I got an Idea! Get your brothers and sister!" Lemmy did so.
" Yes Dad! What do you want us for?" asked Morton. " Kids, were gonna take over Mario's Party! And play a little game....Bwa ha ha ha ha!"

Mario and the gang were having a great party. Peach was too. Then Bowser and his kids fell from the sky in the middle of the party. All the toads gasped and ran. Mario ran towards Bowser, but Morton through a fireball at him. " I'm here to join your party Mario! Were gonna play.... Bowser's Bogus Game! Bwa ha ha!" The ground shook, and the Ground broke open. Luigi, Mario, Peach, and Toad ran towards the only spot standing. A big Stand came up from the Lava, Bowser and the Kids were standing on it.

" This is how we play my game! One rule! I WIN! Now, what I will do, is send one of my Koopa Kids to get you, I'll only need one! And the challange won't be easy! Lemmy! Get em'!". Lemmy jumped onto a large floating star shaped rock above the lava. Mario and the rest jumped on too, " Mario, Luigi! Do something!" said Peach.

Lemmy through a fireball at them, but they dodged. Luigi ran out and jumped towards Lemmy, but he made a blue shield across him and electrucuted Luigi. But he didn't suspect that Mario was behind him, Mario kicked Lemmy and knocked him over. He fell right on his own shield and got electrucuted, Bowser yelled " NO! Lemmy, bring out your little secret weapon!".

A robotic Lemmy came out, Lemmy opened its head and went inside, he controlled it. Mario and Luigi walked up and started punching it like crazy. But the robot stood there, and just stood there reading a book. Then electricity covered the robot, sending Mario and Luigi flying back onto the ground.

The Lemmy boosted into the air and charged towards Mario and Luigi, but they rolled away at the last moment. Lemmy crashed into the ground, he got back up and charged towards Mario and Luigi. Lemmy then started shooting lasers, they avoided the Lasers. Then Lemmy let out a homing missle, it chased them all around. Peach ran behind lemmy and yelled, come get me Missle! The missle went straight towards peach, who was behind Lemmy! Peach jumped away and the rocket hit Lemmy.

But when it did he disseapeared, they got up and looked all around. Then they heard a faint screaming, it got louder and loouder. Then they saw Lemmy flying down from the sky and then crashing into the ground. The Robot pieces flew into the air, falling onto the ground. Lemmy was on the ground bruised and his hair sticking up in the air with electricity running through it. Bowser slammed his fist at his desk, "Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ROY! Get Them!" Roy jumped down, when he hit the whole platform shook, making Mario and the others fall. Roy through his Magic Wand at Mario and sent him flying towards Toad, knocking him down. Toad got up his eye's glew and he said " No one, but no one! Pushes me down!" he charged towards Roy, but Roy just laughed. Toad hit him and he flew towards the edge and almost fell off.
"Roy, your secret weapon should get rid of them!" A huge mechanical spider crawled out, shooting balls of lightning at the group. They avoided, but the Lightning made the ground turn electrical.

Mario and the others got electrucuted, and then the Spider picked them up. They were about to be fryed with fire, when Yoshi, out of no where, Butt-stomped the Monsters head and made it fall. Releasing the guys. " Yoshi! Where did you come from!" asked Luigi " I heard about the trouble, so I got over as fast as I could".

Roy was mad, he threw lighning at them, but Yoshi licked them up and threw them back. Roy got zapped and flew into the sky, he didn't come back down for 3 minutes. Then bowser was real mad " Ludwing! Get them and kill them!"

Ludwing jumped onto the platform, he grabbed a laser gun from his backpack and shot a laser. But he went flying back unto the ground, Mario ran over and punched Ludwing. Ludwing pulled out a remote control and pushed a button.

Robotic Bee's came out, 3 of them. Them flew around, shooting bombs and lasers. Then Yoshi threw an egg at Ludwing, who was controlling them. He dropped his controller the Yoshi licked it up and spit it into the lava. Ludwing's bee's fell and exploded, he was so mad he took out another invention. It was a power sucker, it could steal anyones brains and special body parts. He sucked yoshi, and Yoshi was so dumb, he fell to the ground. Ludwing could stick out a long tounge now. But of course, the machine backfired. The machine exploded and Ludwing started shaking, Yoshi was back to normal, he licked up Ludwing and shot him like a bullet at Bowser.

Bowser fell back, then he got up and said " You little freaks, Wendy will get you. Wendy jumped to the platform and shot three heart symbols, which bounced around " HA! What are you doing, trying to make us happy!" yelled Toad " No, just watch and see! he he!" They avoided the hearts, but Wendy shot more. they bounced around, then one hit Yoshi. He got on fire and started running around, his butt burning. He ran towards Wendy and knocked her off into the firey pit. She was caught by a flying goomba, and brought back up.

Wendy ran off crying, Bowser turned red " I'm putting you into the maze of infinite!" yelled Bowser.

There was a large flash and they appeared in a maze, and walls made of pirhana plant bushes. They walked around for a while, then got tired. Then they saw a huge fireball throwing pirhana plant. It threw fireballs, but they dodged them. Yoshi licked up Mario and Luigi and Spit them out in front of the Plant, not getting hurt. Then they took out an Ice Ball and threw it into the Pirhana's Mouth. Its mouth froze shut, and it couldn't do anything. But then it grew a big hand shaped leave. Then a long arm, the hand picked up Mario and Luigi and threw them onto the ground, real hard.

Yoshi threw eggs at it, but it was to weak. And the hand punched Yoshi, making him fly back onto the ground. Peach, took of here crown and threw it at the hand like a boomerang, it cut in half, and the crown came back to her head. " There! Take that beast!" yelled Peach. But a hand grew back, by now the Pirhana Plants mouth was free and able to shoot fire. They all started to run, the Pirhana Plant jumped out of the ground and grew big leave's to walk on. They ran through the Maze, the Pirhana was catching up and throwing fire at them. Then they made a wrong turn.

They turned right in front of a large bottemless pit, they couldn't jump it. But then Peach picked up a vine she saw, and each of them held it across. The large pirhana plant came running and tripped over the vine, then fell in the bottemless pit.

They started heading back into the maze, lost. Then they met up with DK, "Hey! What are you doing here?" asked Mario " I was looking for my Banana when I saw this Maze, I came in to look for Banan's and got lost." explained DK " Well, can you help us get out and defeat bowser?" asked Mario " Sure, anything to get Banana's" said Dk. They started walking around, then eventually, they found the exit. Bowser was waiting there.

"Hump. I'm going to finish you off now!" yelled Bowser. He blew Fire, they jumped out of the way. Dk ran in front of him and punched Bowser, But, Bowser was to big and strong. Bowser kicked Dk, sending him flying onto the others, Bowser charged towards them. But they rolled out of the way, Bowser ran into the Pirhana Plant bush and got nipped at. But he just squished them with his finger. Then a dark cloud came over them, " uh-oh, Its a thunder storm! If we don't get out soon, the rain will make these pirhana's grow, and they grow fast, and big!" said Luigi. Bowser got out of the Bush and said " You pests are done with, I'm outta here!" said Bowser. Then he jumped onto his evil black cloud and rode away.

" Its starting to drizzle!" yelled Peach. In front of them was the Dangerous Pirhana Plant Jungle. In there the trees prevented water from going onto the pirhana plants, perventing them from growing. " Thats the only way to go." said Mario as the rain poured down extremly fast and hard. The plants started growing, so they quickly ran towards the jungle.

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