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Super Bandit Bros.

By Joe Kuster

Chapter 1

One day, Mario and Luigi were walking down to the Toadstool's castle until they bumped into two men that looked just like them, Except they had masks over their heads. "OUT OF MY WAY, SHORTIE!!!" said the first one to Mario. "YEAH!!!! Uh, what he said, ok?" the second one said. Mario and Luigi moved for them, And the 2 mysterious characters ran off. "COME BACK HERE, YOU FOOLS!!!" screamed King Koopa, punching his fist into his hand.

Chapter 2

"Who where those GUYS?!" said the confused Luigi. "I don't know," said Mario, "But they looked like two zorros in our clothing, except their clothes where black." Suddenly, "HELP!!!!!" screamed Toadstool, "MARIO, LUIGI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Oh no!" said Luigi, "The princess! She's in trouble!!" "Let's go!!!!" said Mario. But then, The two bandits apppeared again. "Say, you guys that look...." The first bandit was interrupted by Mario. "WHO ARE YOU TWO?!" "I'm Bantio, and this is Bantuigi." said Bantio. "We were prisoners of Koopa, And we escaped. We know your names, Mario and Luigi. Now, here's the deal. You help us get away from turtleneck, And we'll help you save the princess." "Deal." said Mario.

Chapter 3

Mario, Luigi, Bantio and Bantuigi went to fight Koopa. Koopa sent out his koopa troops to attack all of them. Will the Bandit Bros. and the Mario Bros. save the princess from King Koopa? Will they be defeated by his koopa troopas? Stay tuned...................

Chapter 4: King Koopa Wins.....Or did he?

Bantio, Bantuigi, Luigi and Mario kept on trying to destroy the koopas, But they all were beaten up, And passed out. King Koopa ran around his throne room, Screaming, "Yeah, I won! I won! I....AH!!" Someone hit him in the back of the head with a steel chair. It was Bret 'The Hitman' Hart! "Eat this, You piece of trash," He said, And he continued to hit King Koopa with the chair. King Koopa screamed for his kids, But they were all on the ground, passed out. So that's how the Story ends. King Koopa almost won, But not this time..............

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