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SMBHQ is alive once again!

Wow. It's been a crazy week, hasn't it? Want to know what's crazier? You are now reading the typing of Jay Resop. That's right, SMBHQ is alive once again and I'll be acting out as the new webpagemaster. For those of you who don't know me, I've been running the Neglected Mario Characters section of this webpage for four years now. So many of you are probably wondering what exactly is going on. To help you out, I decided to do a F.A.Q. like Kyle did when he shut-down. This will be the "shut-up" F.A.Q. in a sense, hehe. That is, if you concider shut-up the opposite to shut-down.

SMBHQ Shut-up F.A.Q.

    Q.So what the heck going on?????
After Kyle killed SMBHQ on October 2nd and put up is shut-down F.A.Q., he decided as an afterthough to ask me to take over the site for him. I don't blame him for forgetting to ask, he simply assumed that I wouldn't want the job if he asked. But he asked and I said yes.

    Q.Are you sure you didn't just hack into Kyle's system and steal the password to SMBHQ?
Nah, I don't have nearly enough skill to do that.

    Q.What is to become of NC?
I am still going to update and run NC just as often as I have in the past. When Kyle asked me to take over for him, I made it clear that NC is still my main focus. One reason why I agreed to take control of SMBHQ was because I didn't want to see SMBHQ just die after 4 years. Also, I was afraid that once SMBHQ died out, NC would be dead along with it. I mean, how is one suppose to get support from a dead website. I was all set to go out and look for a new server. But now, since I am in control of SMBHQ in it's entirity, I will be able to keep both SMBHQ and NC alive and updated for the fans.

    Q.Where are you going to take the site now that you're in charge?
Well, that I don't know yet. I'd like to continue to do what SMBHQ was made for, a site for fans of the Super Mario Bros. games. I hope to continue making SMBHQ as the one place for Mario Information. But things are still sketchy as of the moment and you'll hear some more information in time. I'd also like to be able to hire some new staff if possible to awaken some of the dying sections of SMBHQ, such as Fan-fiction, Game Ideas, Guides, ect. Please, don't give me e-mails right now asking for jobs. When I figure out if and how I can get more people into the staff, I'll post a message here on SMBHQ. Untill then, just stay cool.

    Q.Are you going to turn this site into the "Jay Resop Worship Page"?
Yes. I

    Q.Who else is working at SMBHQ?
Actually, this is something that I'd like to know myself. The only people I know for sure who are in the "SMBHQ Staff" are the SSS people, the Pokewatch people, and Myself. Please, if anyone else is currently in the SMBHQ Staff and is currently updating a section, give me an e-mail or something. I'd like to know who is working here and on what, so I can then figure out what sections need help.

    Q.What's going to happen to Kyle?
Don't worry, Kyle still cares quite a bit for SMBHQ and like he said in his shutdown F.A.Q., SMBHQ is his baby. He's going to remain as the "Founder/Overseer", but will probably not update very often. He has said that he may do an update when something comes to him mind or if he's bored, so don't think that Kyle has completely forgotten about SMBHQ.

    Q.Wait a minute...don't you hate Mario?
I'm as much of a fan of the Mario Brother series as anyone here. Trust me, I'll leave all of my "Mario Bashing" in Neglected Mario Characters.

Well, I hope that helps. Please stay tooned for more information and I'm sure Kyle is going to add his 2-cents about this whole thing. I'll begin updating once I look around the site and reorient myself to it. After all, I have the entire site to work on now instead of just NC. Thanks all for reading and Viva SMBHQ!

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