Mario vs. Angelica

By Pikachu 1653

(Note,Angelica is from the cartoon,Rugrats.I did not create her,only the events.Also,I did not create Mario,Nintendo created him.Thank you.)

One day in the Mushroom Kingdom,everyone was happy thanks to the Super Mario Bros. for saving this happy world. Not everyone was happy, Bowser was mad at Mario for saving the Mushroom Kingdom too many times since 1985. He left the Mushroom Kingdom for good. Meanwhile in the real world, a little 3 year old girl named Angelica was bullying some babies for their toys and cookies. She found a warp pipe which leads to the Mushroom world. But she fell down to the pipe and landed in the Mushroom Kingdom. "Hey,where am I?" said Angelica. A group of Koopas saw her and said to her, "Will you be our princess of the Koopa Clan?". "YES!!!!" said Angelica. "I will destroy this strange place and they will make me THEIR BOSS!!!!!" she said. And she began to laugh in an evil way. Now Mario has a new enemy.

On a cold night in the real world,Mario and Luigi were playing Super Smash Bros. while the fire in their fireplace was warming up the room until a baby's voice was heard in the bros' telephone/answering machine with Caller ID."Help-Help!"said the voice."My name is Tommy,I'm a baby.My bestest friends,Chuckie,Phil,Lil,and my brother Dil need your help!My mean cousin,Angelica is missing!"he pleads."Oh no!,that little guy's right!"said Luigi.Mario said,"We got to save his cousin before the Koopas kidnap her! She's at the Mushroom Kingdom right now!" "But,I thought Bowser's gone fror good.It maybe a trap."said Luigi."Look Luigi,don't start with that "It's a trap."thing!"said Mario.And so,the two Marios went to the Mushroom Kingdom by warp pipe to save Angelica.But,maybe Luigi is right,it is a trap for our heroes...

Meanwhile in the Mushroom Kingdom,Angelica is planing something evil,she's making a plan to overthrow Princess Peach!

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